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Hello eager linguists – it’s the team at Apex here giving you a quick update!

We are getting several questions from many of you about pricing, when classes will start and how you can get more information, so we want to take a brief moment to answer some of the most frequent questions we have been getting:

  • What will your courses cost? The courses at Apex have been priced competitively using a variety of factors including current market, quality of materials and instructor experience. Prices are based on duration and CEU value of the course, and we have classes starting for as low as $45. For pricing information based on a specific course, please contact us via e-mail at or via telephone at 704-729-4072.
  • What is included in the price? Apex courses include a minimum of 1-hour of instruction time, certificate of completion, course materials, and CEU value if it is a CEU eligible course. There is an additional one-time fee for a student manual if you enroll in one of our series courses. This fee is either $65.00 or $95.00, depending on the course you enroll in.
  • Will you have additional services beyond the courses listed on the program page? Yes! We will be offering one-on-one skill development, one-on-one resume review sessions, and resume writing classes with our certified linguist and industry expert instructors. Additionally, we will host a variety of seminars and workshops around specific skill development such as team interpreting, as well as informal Q&A sessions with professional interpreters who will share their real world experiences in the field.
  • Are there any pre-requisites for taking a course? Not for all courses. Our 1 and 3-hour CEU courses, workshops, discussions, and one-on-one sessions do not require any pre-requisites to register. However, there is a language fluency testing pre-requisite for any certification prep or series courses. This testing is conducted by a third party and will require a non-refundable administrative fee of $150.00*, which is in addition the course registration cost.
  • Will classes begin soon? Yes! We currently have a Meet & Greet scheduled for September 15, 2016 and several courses on the schedule for October 2016. Please visit our Schedule & Registration page for more information.


*$150.00 fee includes one English test and one foreign language test for the 12 most common languages. Exotic languages or multiple foreign language testing will result in higher fluency testing costs.


If you have additional questions or for more information about Apex Interpreter Development, please call 704-729-4072 or e-mail us at today!